1. Scenotaph歌詞

「Scenotaph」の歌詞 Emanuel

2007/8/28 リリース
Landlocked, its saturday night at the end of the world. And there's a phar-
macy in my pocket, and I've had my eye on you since the tide got low.
(You're so obvious)
Spread your legs,
And fuck the world,
This is war.
This towns a virus,
And you're a whore,
We are war.
Silence, the sky is an ocean, were being swept out.
My arms reaching up to the drowned, we are a monument in this
twilight now.
(Lets get underground)
A godless,
Is coming
Save yourself.
The sun burns out, sky goes black like curtains drawn. Will you say your
vows, take a bow as the breath slips out between your lips?
I can't stand...