「Whiteflag (reprise)」の歌詞 Emanuel

2007/8/28 リリース
Coming down, and halfway home,
I knew I could count on you,
To cut me free from these sympathies
I got myself into.
What is left to burn?
Our lives are shadows from a light dancing on your bedroom walls.
All these years have passed us by,
Just waiting for tonight.
Way down in the back of my head,
I swear I can still hear you,
Calling me but you're in too deep and I,
I cut myself in two.
She is my black earth tiger,
I am her only son,
She sings like...
The ends will start to fray,
When predator and prey,
Are exactly the same thing.
So here's to that fine day,
When your white flag starts to wave,
Signaling your end.