1. empty mind歌詞

「empty mind」の歌詞 FACT

2012/1/11 リリース
I empty my mind, for no reason at all
Just stare at the line between the sky
and the sea and wait for your welcome
Leave the door open
As the light from the east makes me rub my eyes,
show only you my loneliness
Without wiping away the mistakes of last night
Without forgetting everything no-one opened up their eyes
I kept on searching and all found was a leftover eraser
Continually eraser
No words left on paper


I tried to write over them so many times
And so many times I failed
Without thinking
I empty my mind

Everything is gone, there is only black sky
Nothing to be seen not a cloud is in the sky

I'm waiting for your welcome
How long should I wait?
How many times have I waited for a call, when all that changes is time

Repeat over again and I'll forget you