2008/6/27 リリース
If anything, I let you breathe
Now you're dead

There's no room without casualties
End up in the wake when you f**k with me
With every one of my men, you got beef with me
Got the semi on me muaf**ker you'll see
Death around the corner

(Verse 1 - 50 Cent)
Is that my dawg that slipped that cake
Now how did the chicken give birth to a rat
Now how did the vet learn to sing like a bird
His Pops is a O.G. this is absurd
My gun game right, my knife game right
F**k around, I get right in broad day light
Spin a barrel on a nig**, pen a tail on the donkeys
Sew up this bitch, I'll put a hole in the monkey
Got the G start fo-five him, hundred shots to clip him
Body bags to ship him, and we don't know wit that
You hittin' nig** you trippin'
You think it's over, you trippin'
Reload, slap, get to clippin'
Bang bang bang!


(Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks)
I drink like an uncle, smoke like a rock star
Ball like a superstar, tough like a boxer
F**k like a rabbit, shit like a dinosaur
Seize like a sniper, roll nig** every night is war
Ride like a lambo, stunt like I'm outta town
Strap the grenade tho, be in K dollar sign
Give everything up I won't, change like the others, no
Switch overnight I can't, I'm outside him camp
I'm bout a dollar, boy, and dollar bills are guild
Kill that bullshit, I'm famous but I'm ridin' with a steel
Wheel forward all the way, I see you late of the day
You'll see em fadin' away, that's all I'm able to say


(Verse 3 - Tony Yayo)
We could do it in broad day light in front of the
White House for all I care
I blow your heart out your body sucker
Then jump in the Aston blastin' burnin' rubber
Black ski-mask, the Aston tinted
Ditched the girl, burned the car cuz my DNA in it
Next day is the GT, stunt off a GP
Fistful of stone fingers, glowin' like ET
Fake O.G., O.G., Bobby Jones
Do ya song like Jay Rock, marks mo' problem
I'm stuntin', focused like a digital camera
Got that P-95 with that invisible hammer
Nig** who you trynna ride on, I'm an icon
Heart made of steel, balls made of iron