2008/6/27 リリース
Money make the world go round
Money make the world go round
Money make the world go round

New York, L.A, Midwest, down south, Southside

(Verse 1 - Tony Yayo)
Some people want nuttin outta life
Some people want lil
Some people ain't livin' life right
But fast money make God call
I pray to the angels, I worship the devils
Yeah nig** I'm rich but I'm living like a rebel
Ridin' wit my strap on, full on the pedal
These silly beef raps, now they on another level
I grew up on the crap side, in New York Southside
Stayin' alive was no jive
Stayin' in on the strip you get stuck like velcro
Jake jump out, you see X on elbows
Run nig** run nig** here they come nig**
Throw that pack nig** toss that trigga
Yeah they still in the P's, girl I love the arty
If your ass pregnant girl leave the party
My stash box so big, and your boots shoddy
God it ain't my fault if I shoot somebody
I ain't in it to lose, I'm in it to win
Sex money murda take the safety off my sins

Money make the world go round, you better get it
Money cause hatred as soon as you get it
Money make whores, money cause wars
Money make the world go round, so get yours

(Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks)
Money make the world go round and I gotta
Buckle down do anything for the dollar
Enuff bills will make your blood spill
Kill for bread anyone will from Queens to Gunhill
I'm one man but I own more than one steel
Shiny tre pound, black 9mm
Man, Gucci lever got me shoot crazy
Call a main vehicle, and I'm a "oops baby"
And if I wear my chains it's 380
Like Fat Joe, nig** you crazy
F**k friends it's T.O.S
Have you how you want speed, not a pop chess
Police dump on the nig**s by the twenty
They shootin' by the fifty ain't a damn thang funny
Matter of fact, now they do anything for the dough
NY's finest with llamas and mo'

(Hook x2)

ATL, money make the world go round
Cashville, money make the world go round
NC, money make the world go round
Baton Rouge, money make the world go round

(Verse 3 - Tony Yayo)
I love that money, I need that money
It gives me shelter and stay when I'm hungry
It feeds my kids, it fills my fridge
It pays my bills and the mortgage on the crib
It keeps me icy, it make hoes like me
It gets me seats at the Garden next to Spike Lee
It made me rich, it made me change
I've seen alotta places and bought alotta things
You got me haters, you got me drama
You pay for the lawyers, you pay for the llamas
You make nig**s godless, you rule on the corners
If somebody die, you gotta pay the mourners

(Hook x2)

Chi-Town (Money make the world go round)
Oakland (Money make the world go round)
Texas (Money make the world go round)
Detroit, Bed-stuy, Southside, Harlem, BX
Staten Island, Long Island, Rhode Island, Maryland
DC, Baltimore, Little Rock, Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana...