1. Distance歌詞

「Distance」の歌詞 GLORY HILL

2009/9/2 リリース
Show you the way you go alone
That's not the way you will never fail in
Show you the way brighten up you
Don't want to sorry for...

Tell me the meaning you go alone
I feel lacking for something recently
Tell me the reason you go there
Don't you want to forget?
Now is just your turning point

It's time!! You have to decide a distance
Being with the fear that doesn't pass away
This crossroads seems to try you
It's time!! You have to decide an own way
Being with the pain that doesn't pass away
The next stage is calling you

Anyone is looking for ideal
Anyone is having each dream
Are you satisfied with the present state of the affairs
Anyone is imaging tomorrow
Anyone is picturing the way
There're lots things what you should do
Have you braced yourself?