1. Find you歌詞

「Find you」の歌詞 GLORY HILL

2009/7/1 リリース
I told a lie myself
It's the same like yesterday
Everything is not what I want to
And play up to anyone
Currying favor myself
What do I do?

Oh make my new story
Oh that's better

Find out what you don't know yet
Come back to old memories
They are not bad things very so much yeah
Rise up over and over
Tell me what your real feel
And I'll stay by your side
It's for you

Some secret you don't know
I don't want to show it
Won't tell you it, whatever breaks out
But I become lonely guy when I notice one day
Making mistakes
How silly I am

Oh crash something inside
Oh that's better

When your story breaks down, never give it up
Many chance's waiting for you
So it's here all the time
You cannot try it again without pains
You cannot start without trying it
Do tonight, and do today
You know that all the things make you
Shining light, and your daylights
It's there for finding you