1. Funny boys school歌詞

「Funny boys school」の歌詞 GLORY HILL

2009/9/2 リリース
Good sight along the sea
It's best place for us
This year starts from here
Our seasons is coming
You say stupid jokes
Laugh loud each other's
It's just all ok
Come with me "foolish guys"

What can you see there?
Is there something bright?
Is that tomorrow's hope?
Is that regrets of past?
What's there in this place?
What's left after all?
You say, "I don't care now"
And let's make a noise

Thing goes badly someday
Thing goes well someday, you know?
It means that you are living here
Take it easy and let's go

Woh Well, cry so loud
Woh Release your naked heart
Woh Well, play so hard
Woh Without thinking about all

You've something to do, don't you?
It's not all to live seriously
It there is a strong thought
You may do what you want to