1. Rights and Wrongs歌詞

「Rights and Wrongs」の歌詞 GLORY HILL

2009/9/2 リリース
Where am I going for so far?
And there was not such straight answer
Now I know where I have to go for and I want to go for
The way I was walking is past thing
But I won't throw it away and don't want to lose it
I think it very important things

We will fight, we will fight
For showing whereabouts
We will crash, we will crash
To get over myself
We will fight, we will fight
No ome stops our will
We will crash, we will crash
There's a reason why I have to go

I'm falling down into the dark
What should I believe for myself?
I never think your words are right
It annoys me so badly
There's lots of what I have to take
Release my true soul deep inside black mind
I know it, yes, I know
And yes, I know

What is right? What is wrong?
Nobody will know everything
It is yourself to find an answer
It's just true
I play for you