1. Stay Awake歌詞

「Stay Awake」の歌詞 GLORY HILL

2009/4/22 リリース
No one knows where I'm going
Cause I don't know myself
One more time, I'm trying to look for me
My weakness and so much pain
I'm ready to accept all
Tell a lie and tell the truth
How do I show that true heart?

Wake up your mind to find yourself
Make up your mind to restart now
You know you're ready to go new trip, and it's good time
Kick out wavering something right here
Sing up so loud when you feel sad
Let's just say good-bye all sorts of wondering past

The last train has gone by my side in no time
I was sick and getting to hate the world
Broken wish, pretended trust
No one needs such things like that
Feeling hurt and feeling wired
It's time to change weak myself

When I'm so depressed, I don't want to meet anyone
When I'm so sick, I can't move at all this starry night
Just only I wish
Don't want to do anything
If you're ready to go, it's easy to fly away