1. I could swear歌詞

「I could swear」の歌詞 GOOD 4 NOTHING

2008/7/2 リリース
You come to me so inside
Ready for a scar, I could swear
News on TV, they can all be
Crush my small world like a pear

Mistakingly you believe that you are higher
You can hurt some people that you think is lower than you
You can see

I was waiting the answer
a grin on my face like a player
It's almost the end of the darkness
You never try to move, don't care

A little hope is forgotten on the way
Can I find it's never be found not even in memory
So I go

You know everything
Taking shit about the rule the law
Seeing you the smile I knew
I thought it's me forever

It's time stand for justice
We might get lost
Do you think heading for wrong way?
So then you gave me smiles and hold my hands