1. dear my friend歌詞

「dear my friend」の歌詞 Hi-STANDARD

1999/6/30 リリース
横山健,BRETT BOYD,難波章浩
I just had to take some time
get back to what was mine
get away from my sweet crazy life
hey good buddy it's been a while
how are things for you up there
this is all I need to know
I'm here you're there now

sorry but I have to say
it feels good to be alive
go my way nobody gonna bring me down
if I get lost in the dark
can you tell me what went wrong
if I fall down in the dirt
can you lend a hand

the sky is blue
the sun, it shines
it's the same for everyone
you and I will meet again
so I won't say good bye

dear my friend
now you have your freedom
dear my friend
can you hear I'm calling dear my friend

what is love what is happiness what am I
past, present, and future
life is going life is going