1. lift me up don't bring me down歌詞

「lift me up don't bring me down」の歌詞 Hi-STANDARD

1999/6/30 リリース
横山健,難波章浩,BRETT BOYD
横山健,難波章浩,BRETT BOYD
lights are shining
blood is pumping
let myself go
strings are jumping
crowd is roaring
feel the power flow
up on the stage I am alive
it's where I belong
even the wind stops to hear my song

raise your hand to the air
gotta stay cool tonight
till the end and then
it's gonna be alright

you lift me up
can I fly on borrowed wings
don't bring me down
take me to a highter dream

show is over
sweat is drying
body feels numb
such a great night
beautiful sight
we became as one
up on the stage I was alive
how high can I fly
even the wind blows to urge me on