「RAMBLIN' MAN」の歌詞 Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

2006/1/30 リリース
I can settle down and be doing just fine
Till I hear an old freight going down the line
Then I hurry straight home and pack
And If I didn't go I believe I'd blow my stack
I love you baby but you must understand
When the lord made me he made a ramblin' man

Some folks might say that I'm no good
Got two loving arms to keep you warm
In the kitchen cooking up a storm
That I wouldn't settle down if I could
Folk'll tell me stay away from you
That is something I could never do

But when that open road starts calling me
You're my baby, you're my lovin' man
When you're in trouble do the best you can
There's something over the hill that I've gotta
Standing naked daddy just for you
Force of nature and you're coming through
Sometimes it's hard but you gotta understand
Loving you I'm blowin' hot and cold
Loving you I'm gettin' bought and sold
When the lord made me he made a ramblin' man
How I know you hate to see me cry
Happens every time we say goodbye

I love to see the towns passing by
What's the use enforcing up demands?
Tomcat feelings I don't understand
And to ride these rails 'neath god's blue sky
Know you're lonesome darling just like me
Caught you dancing to my melody
Let me travel this land from the mountains to the
God knows how I need your loving arms
If you miss me baby telephone
Cos that's the life l believe he meant for me
Try to be safe, stay away from harmYou're my baby though you do me wrong
And when I'm gone and at my grave you stand
Of love and hate, you know I walk the line
Loving dreams are just a waste of time
Just say "God's called home his ramblin' man"

Baby please don't stay away too long
The fire's burning for when you get home