1. Fall歌詞

「Fall」の歌詞 J.Holiday

2009/3/9 リリース
Every day I get up, she's on my mind, I can't get enough
And I don't know why, but it's more than a crush
Can't believe it's getting deeper all the time I want to see her

But it wasn't supposed to go this way
She was supposed to be another game to play
I can't figure it out, I don't know how she did but
She made me fall, fall, fall

How do you find yourself inside of love with a girl
that you met inside the club
Never could that be me, yeah,
that's what I used to say until it happened just the same
I never thought it could happen to me,
but these days I'm finding myself on the ground
And I just don't know how I got here,
all I know is that I found you now


Have you ever met someone that you thought was for the moment
But they came and stole your heart before you knew that it was stolen
Took you by surprise, you never saw it coming, now I can't deny
That baby girl you got me falling