1. Forever Ain't Enough歌詞

「Forever Ain't Enough」の歌詞 J.Holiday

2009/3/9 リリース
Thinking back to the feeling that I had when I first saw your face
I knew that it was you, some time has passed
And the feelings that I had before are still the same
'cuz you never changed

Even though I don't show it girl I just want you to know
That even if we fight a million times over little things,
we can still make it better
I meant what I said when I gave you that promise ring,
that I'ma love you forever
I fall for you deeper everyday, feel it now, girl, more than ever
But with our type of love, forever ain't enough
(forever ain’t enough)
I been searching my whole life, I'm lucky that I found you
ow that I got you, you ain’t leaving
'cuz forever ain’t enough
(forever ain't enough)

You see me for who I am and not for who I'm not
I'm telling you that I'm sorry if I tend to treat you the wrong way
But I care you know my heart is there

Chorus (2x)