1. Homeless歌詞

「Homeless」の歌詞 J.Holiday

2009/3/9 リリース
(...But if you can you should give 'em a hand
'cuz you never know,
you could be the person in those shoes)
See there's this lady that lives on the streets,
she has no job, no home, no family
And she barely has the chance to eat then leave,
so she begs and steals, and sells her body
Sometimes she may come off a little strong
but she's just on her own
But if it were you what would you do if you didn't have a home

It you didn't have a pot to piss in, didn't have a kitchen
Imagine if you were homeless

Didn't have a job, no car, no friends
Imagine if you were homeless
Sometimes you should just look at your life,
just look at your life
And imagine if it was you,
imagine if it was you, just imagine if it was you
'Cuz one day your shoes could be homeless
There's a man on the streets
he got holes in his shoes on his feet
We be in the dub spending dough
and we come outside and tell him no
All he need is a couple bucks he got a little change
but it's not enough
So we turn our backs and laugh at him
Stop in our tracks and turn the other way 'cuz you got it made
Sometimes he may come off just a little strong
But he's on his own, but what about this, what about you
What would you do if you didn't have a home