「Lights Go Out」の歌詞 J.Holiday

2009/3/9 リリース
We flirted, I've heard it all before you wanna show me how
I've sat and I waited, filled my head around with doubt
I didn't think that you would come around and see it my way
But you built up all the courage now
Tonight you're the water and I'm riding your waves today

Shorty wait until the lights go out (ey, ey, ey, ey)
No more talking and no more teasing, nothing but pleasing
Wait until the lights go out (ey, ey, ey, ey)
Use your powers and go down and down
Shorty wait until the lights, the lights (oh)

I never told you that the way you be talking to me
excites my whole world (ey)
But now it's past time girl if you don't mind, let's show and tell
I got in good with your best friend, so mat you never forgive me
And all the trash that we be talking to her it's entertaining


If you're ready hold it steady girl let's get into it
Turn up the mood, zip the blinds, put the shades to it
Put your body in position for submission
Straight shovin' my love up in you
No need for no electrician
Turn the lights