1. Get Away feat.Lafa Taylor歌詞

「Get Away feat.Lafa Taylor」の歌詞 JAMIL

2010/2/17 リリース
JAMIL,Lafa Taylor
We all have days when we wanna be alone
くるしいときTurn off your cell phone
Turn up your stereo なやんでもええ
Everybody Say
Just gotta get away

When your feet feel sore
and you don't wanna walk on
keep your head up stay strong
未来みらいしんじて Everybody say
Just gotta get away

I think there are 7 continents that we could go to today
And 7 consonants in (I just go-tta get a-way)
It's kinda like I'm a novelist,Not runnning from problems
Writing the answer,I'm there I understand you
You feel like you live in the past you,Need to put those problems past you
Just える,Wanna sing any song but all that plays is the blues
Wanna switch attitudes,different socks and shoes
Dude,I wanna get away from the crowded trains
The bright city lights and the starless nights
So hey!Let me pack my things!

Hey man I really hard day today,seems like all my beautiful colors just fade to gray
Im tring to stay sharp like a razor blade
But I aint got no strong leaders to pave the way(follow me now)
It's hard when it seems far featched to catch a break
And ive been working so hard that I can't catch a break
I wanna chill in the park or surf and catch a break
But ive been awake since yesterday and I haven't stopped to rest or play
You need to chill
Or your gonna get depressed,you need to de-stress and get some deep rest
or cuddle with your girl cause she is the best
Nothing like your ladys loving cause shes the sweetest
Come girls lets escape to a tropical island,cant wait to see you on the beach
Topless and smilimg,city vibes and grey skies gonna be far away

Cought up in the play by play
Sometimes we forget to pause
Its getting harder day by day
Gotta go against all odds
But don't worry baby
When times get tough
すこしづつnow lady
gotta get back up

We gotta get away from the greed and grime
We gotta get away for some piece of mind
We gotta get away to escape to freedom
さぁこうか pack ya bags we are leaving
We gotta get away to inhale the fresh air
We gotta get away anyway I can get there
Gota get away from the same old thing
From the pain,ball and chain,the restraints of the game chea!