「THANKS」の歌詞 James Brown

1992/9/2 リリース
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to say thanks for catching the James Brown show
And I hope when you leave you'll be glad you did cause we
intend to do a good job
Work real hard so each and every one will enjoy what they
come to see
And I wanna say thanks for all you've done for James Brown
And the James Brown show because without you there
wouldn't be a James Brown
Want me to talk louder? Thought I gotta sing so loud I'd be
cool cool when I start talking
OK I'll talk louder, I want each and every one to know there's
something that
I'll never forget and its nice to know how the audience feels
about the people who made me.
I'll never forget who I am and where I came from
Where I am today and who put me there-you
Thank you very much
Thank you