1. If I Was Your Man歌詞

「If I Was Your Man」の歌詞 Joe

2008/10/22 リリース
Mmm yeah yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh oh
Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na oh
Na na na na na na oh
If was your man girl

Girl I'm so tired of things
I just wanna settle down
I swear to you I've changed
Baby why you buggin' now
I know that I put you through hell
You deserve to be with someone else
But I gotta be straight up (straight up)
Girl I just wanna kiss and make up (make up) ooh
We've been through a lot of things
How do you throw that away? ooh
You were the heart of me
Can't believe you let it break
Tell me why you won't let him go
You can say what you want
But I know baby no more lies (no lies)
I'mma keep it real this time

Help me understand
Why what I'm sayin' ain't gettin' through
Why can I be your man?
When I give up the world for you
Girl I'll do the best I can
Love you forever is just what I'll do
If I was your man
If I was your man
If I was your man

Got rid of everything that I knew was hurting you
My hustle in the streets gave that up for you too
Don't want nothin' else in the way
I just wanna make sure that you'll stay
Baby no more lies
I'mma do it right this time


Can't live without you anymore
Baby I know that you're worth fightin' for
Baby say that you're still in love with me
In my arms is where you need to be
(repeat x2 w/adlib)

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na oh yeah
Na na na na na na
If I was your man
If I was your man

Hook repeat to fade out