1. I'm So Satisfied!歌詞

「I'm So Satisfied!」の歌詞 KEMURI

2007/5/23 リリース
I'm so satisfied!

I'm positive and I know what I want to be and see
I know what to do to make myself happy and sleep well
I have clothes to keep me warm! I eat well to keep me healthy!

I say I'm so satisfied!

I live in peace, and I have very good friends who I trust
I know what to love and what to hate to keep my mental health
I have a house to go back to! I have a family to live my life with!

I say I'm so satisfied!

Sometimes I get depressed so bad, I think it's natural
Sometimes I drink too much I don't even remember a thing I did
Am I happy right now? That is what I ask myself... yes, always!

I have to go! The time has come! The time has come!
I'll go with all the good memories! I'll go in the morning light!
I will always be remembering the wonderful smiles you gave me!

I say I'm so satisfied!
I say I'm so satisfied!