1. All The Love歌詞

「All The Love」の歌詞 KG

2009/4/8 リリース
It's been so long
ふとおもす all the sweet memories

あなたの笑顔えがお あなたの仕草しぐさ
あなたのかおりさえ おも
It's been so many days without your love

I should let it go
I know, it's been a while
You won't come back but I still wanna be with you
When I go to sleep at night
I think of your smile
All I wanna do is hold you again

All the words you've given to me
Every little kiss I've given to you
Everything with you was so sweet and true
Do you remember
It's been so many nights without your love

あなたの言葉ことば あなたのなみだ
あなたのうそさえも おも
It's been so many days and nights without your love