1. GET EM HIGH(feat.タリブ・クウェリ&コモン)歌詞

「GET EM HIGH(feat.タリブ・クウェリ&コモン)」の歌詞 Kanye West

2004/3/24 リリース
My flow is in the pocket like wallets I got the bounce
like hydraulics
I can't call it I got the swerve like alcoholics
My freshman year I was going through hell of problems
Till I built up the nerve to drop my a★★ up out of college
My teacher said I's a loser I told her why don't you kill me
I give a f★★k if you feel me I'm gonna follow
My heart and if you follow the charts or the plaques or the stacks
You ain't gotta guess who's back
You see I'm so Chi that you thought I was bashful
But this bastards flow will bash ya skull
And I will cut your girl like Pastor Troy
And I don't usually smoke but pass the dro
And I won't give you that money that you asking for
Why you think me and Dame is cool we a★★holes
And thats why I hear yoru music in fast forward
Cause we don't wanna hear that weak s★★t no more
Now who the hell is this e-mailing me at 11:26
Tellin me that shes 36-26
Plus double D you know how girls on black planet be
when they get bubbly
At NYU but she hail from Kansas
Right now she just lampin chillin on campus
Sent me a picture with her feelin on Candice
Who said her favorite rapper was the last great Francis
W-H-I-T its gettin late mommy your screen saver say tweet so
you got to call me
And bring a friend for my friennd his name Kweli
"You mean Talib lyrics stick to your rib
I mean thats my favorite CD that I play in my crib.
I mean you don't really know him why is you lying?"
Yo Kwe she don't beleive me please pick up the line
She gonna think that I'm lying just spit a couple of lines
Then maybe I'll be able to give her d★★k all the time
and get her high