1. SLOW JAMZ(feat.トゥイスタ、カニエ・ウェスト&ジェイミー・フォックス)歌詞

「SLOW JAMZ(feat.トゥイスタ、カニエ・ウェスト&ジェイミー・フォックス)」の歌詞 Kanye West

2004/3/24 リリース
I told her to drive over in your new whip
Bring some friends you cool with
I'm a bring the Cool Whip then I want you to strip
See you is my new chick so we get our grind on
She be grabbin, callin me Biggie like Shyne home
Man I swear she fine homes why she always lying though
Tellin me them diamonds when she know they rhinestones
She got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackon
Got a dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
I play 'Ready for the World' -she was ready for soem action
My dog said you aint no freak, so you bout to
prove my man wrong
I'ma play this Vandross you gon' take your pants off
I'ma play this Gladys Knight me and you gon' get right