「JEALOUS」の歌詞 Karl Wolf

2009/7/20 リリース
Reflex is what I wanna call it
There's an automatic act that my heart uses
When it feels like there's a knife wondering around
I just can't afford to be the victim of crime

Signals are sent straight to my brain
Then Jealousy takes over really thats the blame
Not purposely, It's all out of fear
Forgive me for protecting my heart

Didn't mean to cause a fight babe I was just JEALOUS
Didn't mean to make you cry but I was just JEALOUS
When I saw you with that guy
I couldn't resist
Cause I knew this was it
You would leave me for him

Would have told you just to hold me
No reason to worry
Never thought you'd pack and leave like that in a hurry
Was just going through a phase
And now that you're gone
I know it's too late, you already walked out that gate
I was just JEALOUS

At first it didn't really phase me
It never really bothered me yeh
But then you made me fall
So deep don't know what it's called
All i know is that the deeper I get the less I wanna
Share you
The more that I can't lose you
I'm just afraid that your love would fade
And if someone new came
I was forced to protect my heart