1. Falling From Grace歌詞

「Falling From Grace」の歌詞 Ken Yokoyama

2010/3/10 リリース
No one will notice all the effort you put in
Only thing that matters is what you've accomplished
You had your moments on the top of the mountain
Can't you see that now you're only going down
No one can go against the whirl of fate
Why can't you even see the helping hard I'm stretching out to you
You're falling from grace
Don't know how to save you
I'll just see you through
You're falling from grace
No, nothing can save you
watch you to the end
I would have chosen to stick with you if I could
Tell me where did our road seem to split in two
I know the world out there can be so cold and cruel
I can understand why you won't face the truth

I see you falling