「Full Circle」の歌詞 Miley Cyrus

2008/7/22 リリース
Scott Cutler,Anne Preven,Miley Cyrus
Scott Cutler,Anne Preven,Miley Cyrus
I've been in a rut
Back and forth enough
Heart like a wheel
Without you around
So uncomfortable
Is how it feels
Every time you're near
Trouble disappears
Under the ground
But when you go too far
Silver clouds'll start
Hanging around
I know why
Tried to run
But I keep on
Coming back
Full circle and I
Can't jump the track
Can't let you go whoa
Tied to one
So I keep on
Coming back
Full circle
'Cause I know you'll come around
I know you'll come around
(yeah i know you'll come around)
Skippin' down a broken path
How long can I last
Please let me know
Where's finish line
Cause I got to find
Somewhere to go
I don't want to hear
People interfere
What do they know
What I feel inside
When I'm up all night
Needing you home
I'll keep on running til we meet in the middle
I'll put pride aside and I'll give just a little
There's miles to go but we both know
That we'll make it
I know why