1. HEAL ME (OUTRO) feat. Soler Mesh歌詞

「HEAL ME (OUTRO) feat. Soler Mesh」の歌詞 Mims,Soler Mesh

2009/4/6 リリース

Oh can anybody hear me because
I been down that road for so long
Oh can anybody hear me
(I'm trying to clean up my ways)
Because I been down that road for so long
(Sometimes I feel like I can't)
Oh can anybody hear me
(When I repent all of my sins)
Because I been
Down that road for so long
(Then I just do it again)

I never want to be a regular nigga
No funds chased by creditors
So I poured out my soul like liquor
But I guess you niggas didn't
Get the point like scissors
I told cats that I want to church and got saved
Old heads lookin like no do not say
Call my old hoes told them I'm going to stop pimpin
They looking at me like you might as well stop livin
Trying to rid the demons from my system
But the game won't let me
It's steady pulling me in
But I thank you since you kept
a nigga breathin eatin sleepin
Been up another week another weekend day's hours minutes seconds
Feelin like I could never pay you back for this blessing
So when a nigga prey he don't prey for wealth
I prey for my family I prey for health
If anything I just prey that we get closer
To the point where you become my main focus
Focus on every word I say I hope you soak this
The realest rhyme a nigga ever wrote is this