1. Better way歌詞

「Better way」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
This life of mine was once defined
by the kinds of things I'd leave behind
I once was lost, now I'm found
my rescue came and brought me safe and sound

Eastern sun you come undone
over Western skies right before my eyes

All my days I've been finding ways of searching for a better way
Come what may, all my days, I'm searching for a better way
back home

Please slow this ride, it moves too fast
I've lost control in the past
These days slip away as evening falls
and If I hold on too tight, I'll lose it all

Let the past decay, watch it fall away
far away, there to stay
no more half black, half white
no more half wrong, half right
now I'm searching for a better way