1. Catch me if you can歌詞

「Catch me if you can」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
My hands are tied for this one
You've gotta have desire in your heart
to save you, 'cause I'm breaking down
I know you really want this
I've heard you cant resist it

how much will it take to fix it
I know it's not much

Everyone, we're coming to catch you
we're chasing down all of our fears and doubts
I'm ready to believe in you
Go on catch us if you can
all around the streets of our broken town
I'm expecting to believe in you

Mistakes will count for nothing
the past is the past unless you
let them hold you and not take you down
let go of all your misses
take hold of all your wishes
move on to greener pastures it's time to roll out

Now is the hour, I've seen the proof