1. Lighting the fuse歌詞

「Lighting the fuse」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
Over the hills it shines, a light to remain confined
blinding the careless eyes, the strong and the meek, the wise

you're so hard to recognise
but I've known you well, known you all my life
it's my own faults that lead me to strife
it's so hard to see when it's in disguise

greed, such a strong disease
I want it all but you're so hard to please
please show me what I should lose, I'm lighting the fuse

Giving all we have to give living all our lives to live
show me how we could discern
all the while just to watch it burn

The beautiful city lights, they're weakened by frights and sounds
we're running on dangerous grounds
the plain and the bold, the sly

Here I am but just one voice
calling in to space can you hear the noise?
All it takes is just one breath,
to reverse the pain and avenge the dead

We want to be like you.