1. Sticks and stones歌詞

「Sticks and stones」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
the rain is coming closer
I need to run for cover
I need a place where I can run and hide
the pain is getting nearer
It hurts to be the bearer
I need a hand to hold and be my guide

Oh how I wish I had acres of thick skin but

I need you
more than anybody says
my heart beats faster with you around the bend
I want you more than you will ever know
my heart beats fast so come on and let it show

It leaves me broken hearted
spat out and disregarded
I need an angel to be by my side

Sticks and Stones will break my bones
and names will always hurt me
the weight of expectation falls
and brings me to my knees