1. Thomas歌詞

「Thomas」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
It's so silent now as the lights burn out
but I can hear the sounds of all these seeds of doubt
and they call me by that name even though I'm not the same

They swarm around my mind
these rumours tell a thousand lies
with my own eyes
I stand and watch as my saviour dies
my memory stands to serve
to show a life so undeterred
a love undeserved
a passion so unreserved

It took a lot to make me change
but if everything could rearrange
it could fall back into place with a single fall from grace
and traitor was my name
and parts of it I still maintain
the same blood runs through my veins
the same weaknesses remain

but my memory is weak, for it was only just last week
I saw a dead man walk, a blind man see
I saw the mute begin to speak
and I'm scared of who I could become
I cry father let your will be done
and the scars they pierce the darkness
with truth brighter than the sun.