「HEARTLESS AT BEST」の歌詞 New Found Glory

2009/3/10 リリース
This smoking gun of a mouth of mine has many victims to its name
But this time it was your words that killed me
Right where I was standing I was hit by lightning
Words of yours went through my chest
And I was pulled apart till there was nothing left
And everyone will remember me
Only because of how I twist my words around
If anyone gets to this point
Stop yourself from diving in head first onto solid ground
The twisted thoughts that come out of your mind
are heartless at best
They keep you from your own recovery I know
It takes fun out of living when you have no life
You can't answer you can't decide
And now you have the guilt of me on your lips
The crowd silent as a whisper
Listen as she recites her sins and one by one
With different agendas they pour out their sympathy
And your still my living proof