「REASONS」の歌詞 New Found Glory

2009/3/10 リリース
You can steal my eyes carve them out
I don't even need them
I don't want to see anyone other than you
You cover your face
You're afraid to see the outcome
It's more than any one person can bare
You take me for granted for reasons known only by you
You've pierced my heart it's useless
I don't really need it
It belongs to nobody other than you
You can cut out my tongue
I'm speechless a defeatist
And I'm wasting away to nothing at your feet so...
You take me for granted for reasons known by you
If my heart is made out of gold then why does it feel like I'm here all alone?
I'm hollowed out can't you see
You've ripped out my soul right from under me
I have little to show for anything
It's everything that you had hoped for