1. I Remember You歌詞

「I Remember You」の歌詞 NiNa

1999/11/1 リリース
I head a song on the radio today
and it made me
remember you
And I saw you in my mind

It was in the spring we were at a love-in
We wanted to drive
on your motorcycle
We wanted to go
to San Francisco

Suddenly you were taken from me
Sadly you left me and
I still can hear your voice after all this time
I can't erase or replace your memory's lingering
You-left like a wind
That's slowly blowing by the river my friend
I'll never see you again

But I'll be alright-I'll be alright
Oh Oh Oh Oh
We were going to San Francisco
We were gonna leave in the Summer

The world's moving slowly but it's changin'
And people can be cold
They'll treat you like a stranger
I want it to be like we're dancing at night
'cause I can think in the dark
I run-I run-I run
The power of your memory
The power of your memory

You're my nightingale
The lights is slowly fading
I'd like to know what it is like there
Where you are

With peace in our hearts
We were gonna go to San Francisco

The light shines on the roof and I'm living proof
that you are still here
'cause I remember you

The light shines on the roof and I am living proof
that you are still with me
'cause I remember you