1. Medio-core歌詞

「Medio-core」の歌詞 Nofx

2003/4/28 リリース
Medio-core it's not forsaken the music they're makin'
Will leave you with a feeling of indifference
How was the band
They were okay not great but pretty good
They played the songs I knew they would
Some old, some new, same formula stay true
We can concur, it's mediocre

Sing sing a song, make it simple so all the kids can sing along

Medio-core the list keeps growin', the melodies that have been stolen
Remind me of songs sung in the seventies, you might fool the kids
but you don't fool me, you ever heard of something called aboriginality

Is it absurd to compose music no one's ever heard
Predictability like a bosom will comfort them
My arch enemy Lowest common denominator

Medio-core it's under powered, The riffs are all deflowered
It's spreading faster than British tooth decay
"Are you ready to rock", "How you all doin' tonight"
You condescending fucks make me want to puke and laugh the same

I'm one to speak this song sounds like 50 songs you've heard before, medio-core