「Inside Out」の歌詞 Nothing's Carved In Stone

2012/8/15 リリース
Nothing's Carved In Stone
Nothing's Carved In Stone
Why does it continue this long
Our destiny was already written, no escaping

Thought I chose but unknown to me you came into my life
Air around me slowly turns to hard skin
Shutting out my view and can't see what we should be seeing
Realized what I needed has been missing

Inside out
'Cause the light will shine on throughout the shadows
Turn it over
Understanding all of the highs and lows
Inside out
Only if you will be together with me
Inside out
I believe that will make everything better

Promise could be future that has been decided upon
Words we exchanged back then keeps me going

Even if time explodes and all that's there bursts out
All that we spoke back then made a stain deep inside that can't be erased