1. The Swim歌詞

「The Swim」の歌詞 Nothing's Carved In Stone

2009/12/9 リリース
Nothing's Carved In Stone
Nothing's Carved In Stone
Over time my past mistakes
Old scars, like thorns are pulled out, move on
But the state it's left me in
OH, your smell I need to live on, so weak

I'm still swimming so deep, long way

If I played my guitar in a call-center
Oh, the way they'd stare at me
It's not supposed to be our salvation
So I sing, to you

Whenever, far or near
Your ever-green mind's there, it's like an endless summer
Swimming out too deep, my solid self is saved by you

What's this strange feeling
I see all the answers
One step running through, my world changes
Oh this strange feeling
I see all the answers
No time to stay here, gotta be me