1. A Strait Gate歌詞

「A Strait Gate」の歌詞 Overground Acoustic Underground

2009/11/25 リリース
JOHNSON MARTIN,宮田俊郎,堀幸起,小澤誠,田中真一,小林諭司
Rest from your troubles and see yourself in
There's a story of melody soon to begin
Into your ears and out with a smile contagious as laughter can be to a child

Terrible tales that would frighten a king
and the conquested love when the bells start to ring.
A fable of fables is hidden within
when we open our hearts to let ourselves in.

So open the door. Howl at the moon.

Trials of obscenity put to the test foreboding desire to surpass the best.
Waited intently and so in the end you've an enemy lost be gained as a friend.

How lucky you are. Remember your thanks.

Then we'll be sailing away on the whisp of a dream
to uncharted paradise soft in the green.
A gleam in the distance to brighten the soul
and know you'll be home when the morning has come.

What gifts will you bring? What songs will you sing?

Leave all you troubles and cares at the door
breathe in the winding of what's come before.

And after it's done recollect in the dawn
and let stay with you till music is gone.