「She DON*T Love Me」の歌詞 PINKLOOP

2007/6/27 リリース
She don't love me
Having everything
Don't think about me
Make me lonely
I lose myself
That is selfish

Falling in love
You are inside
Take me out
I'm outside
Everyone, talk to me
You are right
I'm not right
All my friends are going
Call me sometime
Not everyday

Yellow stars I can find
No one touch in the sound
Memory you have got with my heart
Always here
It's my style
My heart don't wanna break it any more
Only to your ears
I wanna tell you in that way

What is fear?
Will I ever get while I am standing right on the edde
What is fear?
Will I ever get the time I am standing

Sometimes let me down
Sometimes get me up
Sometimes let us down
Get back again

She don't love me
She don't mean it
I don't love her
I don't mean it now