「Civilian Ways」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
i hold the cold steel of my rifle as i dream of foreign lands
and i promise myself i will cherish every moment i can
but there's ghost that follow me around everywhere i am
when i say goodbye i try to be strong
now i'm going back to the us where i belong
i ain't never alone the war seems to follow me home
no longer an active solider when i walk down the street
now i'm shaken hands with everyone that i meet
and i watch everyone and wondering what they see
civilian ways are now what's foreign to me
i came off a long tour i left this place in two o three
may we never forget the sacrifices my friends made for me

i live in marysville out on the county line
and my brother and my mother both visit me all the time
and visions of you are always running right through my mind
we always talk about what we're gonna do when the war is won
we're gonna fix up them old cars and ride them into the sun
when i heard you're no longer with us man i was done