1. Dominoes Fall歌詞

「Dominoes Fall」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
hey ho let the bombs blow
let the dominos fall i ain't got control

no control of destiny
wake me up to reality
i can just see anarchy
and there ain't no tellin' who's in charge here

dead men they tell no tales
satan finally broke out of hell
and everybody's got something to sell
'cause there ain't no good that i can see here

people goin' crazy runnin' situation code red
and the whole world's out of control
the walls and the fences are being torn down
and the bodies of the murdered are getting cold
wild dogs going mad smell of there own kill
the weakest of the pack
nothing is the way that it seems around here very clear
it's a very deadly trap