「New Orleans」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
well i went south with a case of survival
to amend my heart that's paper thin
you see i felt her words and her images filed
i'm gonna carry my heart to new orleans

i have no home to go so i wander awhile
from coast to coast from sin to sin
from the coldest shores to the warmest islands
been around the world back to new orleans

well she's got pride like a million lions
she's got a scare on her velvet face
she's got a smile like a newborn child
she's gotta walk a stoic grace

i never slept that night until my arrival
i romanticized a long embrace
you see i lost my tongue and burned my bible
but i made it back home to new orleans

well i held my breath and i swam for miles
when all was lost and hell took place
you see it rained all night and the city she flooded
it rained all night in new orleans