「Skull City」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
she's my go go baby
she's my honky tonk girl
she dances on my table
she dances on a pole

some cities born some cities burn
some cities die some cities learn
some cities take the worst of the turn
and if it ain't your business then it's not your concern
brick buildings broken windows smoke stacks
tell me somethings broken and there's blood on the tracks
and if you see the train comin' you're gonna relax
so tell the facts ma'am only the facts
stand down what you gonna do
she's a wild one i'm a wild one too

midnight and i'm rollin' on
nobody sees me comin' home
and out here man a lot of things can go wrong
shhh listen to my song
the morgue is busy day after day
stick it on the line and throw it away
and if you see it comin' on then you got it made
and the grave diggers laugh as they rot and decay