1. Black Butterfly歌詞

「Black Butterfly」の歌詞 Rockstar Steady

2010/12/8 リリース
Aiha Higurashi
Aiha Higurashi
don't you ever know that I'm fuckin' good
but I'm not the one you wish for
you can never tell me what to do
I have my own future in my hands
just fuckin' off the TV and play my song
don't you ever preach me anyway
don't you ever think I'm gonna be your girl
I'm a butterfly in this dirty world

lookin for something new something bright
I'm gonna run run run forever
no one can stop me just let me go
and be a beautiful butterfly

I am a black butterfly
I am a beautiful butterfly

people're thinkin' I'm a silly girl becoz I have a dream to come true
but I'm not that fucked up like you are
I'm gonna go jumping outa world

I got my gear time to fly
fly fly fly fly

I'm a beautiful butterfly
don't you ever know I'm a butterfly
I'm a butterfly flying flying flying I'm flying