「HOT LEGS」の歌詞 Rod Stewart

2009/1/28 リリース
Who's that knockin' on my door
It's got to be a quarter to four
Is it you again comin' round for more
Well you can love me tonight if you want
But in the mornin' make sure you're gone
I'm talkin' to you

Hot legs, you're wearing me out
Hot legs, you can scream and shout
Hot legs, (though) you're still in school
I love you, honey

Your garter almost weighs a ton
You promise all kinds of fun
But what you don't understand
I'm a workin' man
Gonna need a shot of vitamin E
By the time you're finished with me
I'm talkin' to you
Hot legs, you're an alley cat
Hot legs, you scratch my back
Hot legs, bring your brother, too
I love you honey, yeah

Hot legs, hot legs, hot legs

Makin' hell like I never felt
In you jet black... Belt
Seventeen years old is chargin' six to four
You got legs right up to your neck
You're makin' me a physical wreck
I'm talkin' to you
Hot legs, in your satin shoes
Hot legs, though you're still in school
Hot legs, you're makin' me a fool
I love you, honey

Hot legs, making your mark
Hot legs, you keep a hand so sharp
Hot legs, keep your hands to yourself
I love you, honey, yeah

(* Repeat)

Hot legs, hot legs
Baby, hot legs, oh yeah
Hot legs, you're well equipped
Hot legs, you know your pussy's whipped
Hot legs, I just love your lips
I love you, I love you, I love you
Hey baby
Hot legs, hot legs, hot legs
Get on out, I love you, honey