「BARCELONA」の歌詞 Rufus Wainwright

1998/5/19 リリース
The summer sun set a vicious circus
when shadows held the world in place
But today I felt a chill in my apartment's
coolest place
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"

The village larks cannot be heard
'cause all the crows got panderers
I can't escape these velvet drapes,
don't want my rings to fall off
my fingers
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"

The mirror I find hard to face
'Cause I fear it's a long way down

Got to get away from here, think I know
which hemisphere
Crazy me don't think there's pain in Barcelona
They dance you 'round a waltz confound
But I fear it's a long way down
Even if that straw I pull

and I got to fight that bull

Nothing really does compare to Barcelona
Besides in Spain Don Juan's to blame
But I fear it's a long way down
Ana I fear I won't be around

Make sure I have all my papers
laying out my summer clothes
Search for traps in vain like scratching
so my suitcase I can close
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"