1. Respect You All歌詞

「Respect You All」の歌詞 S.M.N.

2010/9/8 リリース
There is a light colored door
The sun is burning for years
Enjoy, come in, it's a sunny day
Inside, I settle, I like
All of the books and toys
Special place store, so much treasure, I always see

Learn many stuff by meeting
How to start the way
I'd never choose this way sir, but I'm so grateful

Two ways to stay stand by me
Reapect you all
A happy time, hard to leave...
Take everything from me
So stay away
Two ways to stay stand by me

I wanna have fun, hey!!
Keep out of my way
Please leave me alone
You don't know how much I feel
Don't wanna know what your gonna do
Please leave me alone...

Respect you all